The Waldron Chain
September 14th, 2019
7:30 - 2:30 

1st Place:  Kenny Yoder and Bo Boyd

4th Place:  Booy Strock and Calvin Yoder

2nd Big Bass : 

Kenny and Bo brought the second larges bass to the scales at 5.10 Lb. For their efforts the team ended up taking home an additional $52.00

Eastern Division Tournament #6
The R & B Bass Circuit 
Tournament number 6 is in the books. As we look forward to the classic Greg and I would like to thank all of you for helping to make this another great year for the Eastern Division. We would like to give a special shout out to thank those members that have given of their time to help ​​run the tournaments each month. Mark Farver and Steve Kline, Matt Gardenour and Josh Ware, Mike Lytle and Steve Manter and John Marquardt and Jon Hall. Without their help I don't know that their would be an Eastern division.

​​Thanks Jim and Greg  
5th Place:  Chad Walter and Lance Tresenriter

Weight: 8.43

​Winnings: $98.00
​​Weight: 15.98 Lb

Winnings: $604.00
2nd Place: Mike Raber and Lavon Raber 
3rd Place: Greg Mangus and Sub Ralph Tuttle
Weight: 11.75

​Winnings: $168.00
Weight: 11.76

​Winnings: $211.00
Weight: 13.73

​Winnings: $323.00
Lochness Lures Big Bass : 

Booy and Calvin brought the largest bass to the scales at 5.23 Lb. For their efforts the team ended up taking home an additional $208.00

Note: I don't know if we lost the photo of Chad and Lance or if they they did'nt stop to take a photo this year. BUT, since they we the only team to return to the podium from the last time we were here in 2017, I just left their 2017 photo up.