• 1 in every 5 teams participating will win a cash award with a maximum of 10 places. Thus, if 60 teams participate, only 10 teams will receive a cash prize.
  • 90% of all entry fees collected at each tournament will be paid back at that tournament.
  • The remaining 10% will be placed into the Classic Pot and will be dispersed there.
  • The Big Bass Award ($10 of the $70 entry fee) pays back two spots: 80% will be paid back to the biggest fish, while the remaining 20% will be paid back to the second biggest fish. None of this money is placed into the classic pot. The $10 towards big bass makes a team eligible for just one Big Bass Award.
  • A $30 Team Membership fee is collected before participation. 100% of this money will be placed into the Classic pot. One membership fee makes a team eligible to participate in both divisions.
  • Taken by the Classic Pot, a cash prize up to $400 will be awarded to the Points Champions. If the average field is 40 or more boats, $400 will be awarded to the Season Champions. If 30 boats is the average, $300 will be awarded, and so forth and the purchase of plaques. 100% of the remaining balance will be paid back at the Classic Pot.
  • More ways to win money and prizes can be learned on the Bonus Money and Prizes page.
The amount of money paid back will be announced at the conclusion of each tournament as well as posted on the Tournament Results page.
2018 Classic Pot

Memberships: $3,390
Wawasee Open: $260
Manitou Open​​​​: $130
Hamilton Lake (East): $270
Lake Shafer (South):​ $24
Tippecanoe Lake (West):​​​ $282
Lake Manitou (South): ​$54
Lake Wawasee (West): $270​
Lake James (East): $252
Bruce Lake (South): $​​42
Winona Lake (West): $​228
Lake St. Clair (East): $240
Lake Shafer (South):
Randall Chain (East): $​240
Maggies (West): $​​210
Wawasee (East): $270
Webster Lake (West):
Lake Freeman (South): $30​

Lake Maxinkuckee (West): $168
Coldwater Lake (East): $204​
Lake Shafer (South): $48​​

Total: $7,133