• 1 in every 5 teams participating will win a cash award with a maximum of 10 places. Thus, if 60 teams participate, only 10 teams will receive a cash prize.
  • 90% of all entry fees collected at each tournament will be paid back at that tournament.
  • The remaining 10% will be placed into the Classic Pot and will be dispersed there.
  • The Big Bass Award ($10 of the $70 entry fee) pays back two spots: 80% will be paid back to the biggest fish, while the remaining 20% will be paid back to the second biggest fish. None of this money is placed into the classic pot. The $10 towards big bass makes a team eligible for just one Big Bass Award.
  • A $30 Team Membership fee is collected before participation. 100% of this money will be placed into the Classic pot. One membership fee makes a team eligible to participate in both divisions.
  • Taken from the Classic Pot, a cash prize up to $400 will be awarded to the Points Champions. If the average field is 40 or more boats, $400 will be awarded to the Season Champions. If 30 boats is the average, $300 will be awarded, and so forth and the purchase of plaques. 100% of the remaining balance will be paid back at the Classic Pot.
The amount of money paid back will be announced at the conclusion of each tournament.
2020 Classic Pot

Memberships: $2,130
Tippecanoe Open - $260​
Tippecanoe Lake (West) - $252​
​Tippecanoe La​ke (East) - $114
Lake Shafer (South) - $60
​​Lake Maxinkuckee (West) - $264
Lake St. Clair (East) - $72

Total: $3,152