​​Detroit River​​
Elizabeth Park; Trenton, Michigan

October 10 & 11, 2020
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
50/50 Drawing, Raffle, & Cash Tables

Tickets for a 50/50 drawing and miscellaneous raffles will be sold during Registration. These raffles will pay for the costs.  

The R & B Bass Circuit pays back 100%. Thus, every dollar that has been collected by all divisions throughout the season will be paid back at this event. Our account will have $0.00 after October 11.

​​Cost to participate is $100.

All R & B Bass Circuit tournaments pay back 1 spot for every 5 teams, with a maximum of 10 paid spots. Money has been added to the pot after each tournament and every dollar from the membership fee has also been added. To see how much has been collected, check out the Payback page.

A Big Bass Prize will be awarded each day.


There are three ways to qualify for the classic. Each division will follow this criteria:

1. Any team who has participated in all 5 regular-season tournaments automatically qualifies regardless of their finish in the Year-to-Date Standings.

2. The top 50% of teams, from an average field of a regular season tournament, in final standings will qualify for the classic. For example: we currently average 51 teams per tournament, thus, the top 26 teams in the standings will qualify. Any team who finished higher than 26th place, but participated in all 6 tournaments still qualifies.

3. Any team attending and participating in 4 tournaments from any division and also attends and participates in 2 tournaments from other divisions for a total of 6 tournaments will qualify for the classic.

However, Tournament Directors do not count. If directors are fortunate to finish in the top 50%, they will not take a team out of the tournament. Hence, in the example above, if directors finished 5th place overall, the top 27 teams would actually qualify.
Rules & Boat Order

There will be no rule changes from the regular-season tournaments with the exception of starting order and length.

​​For teams fishing all 6 tournament in one division the starting order will be determined by the final Standings. The team standing in 1st place in the division with the highest average turnout will be boat 1. The team standing in 1st place in the division with the second highest average will be boat 2 and so on... Teams fishing 4 tournaments in one division and four in other divisions will start at the back and after all teams that have fished 6 regular tournaments. The order will then follow the same procedure as before by final standards and division with the highest average turnout.

Since Registration and the Pre-Tournament meeting will be conducted Friday night, teams should launch immediately upon arrival. Boat #1 will take off promptly at 8:00. If a team is not present when their number is called, they will be sent to the back of the line! To​​ insure an 8:00 take off​​, it is vital all teams arrive early.​​

The tournament will be 8 hours long each day.


Take off will be held at Elizabeth Park each day. Click on the link for details and directions.
Fishing Report

This fishery needs no introduction. The Detroit River was the site of the 2018 Classic and smashed records. Andrew Quillen and Heath Wagner won with a 2-day total weight of 48.38 pounds of smallmouth. Giant smallmouths lurk throughout the Detroit River, Lake Erie, and Lake St. Clair. Teams are free to fish any of the waters. 

Heath Wagner shared great insight to this fishery in the video below:​​
All connecting waters will become off limits at 5:00 pm October 9. No Exceptions!
Registration & Pre-Tournament Meeting

Registration will begin at 5:30 at Elizabeth Park. At least one member from each team must register and be in attendance for the meeting afterward.
R & B Bass Circuit Classic

The 2018 Classic is being presented by Megaware Keelguard​​. Along with product being given away, they are donating $500 to qualifying teams!

It will be distributed as follows: ​​
  • The top finishing team with a KeelGuard installed will win $250
  • ​The top finishing team with either a SkegGuard or FlexStep installed will win $250
Teams do not need to win the event to cash in. In fact, they can finish in the 30's so long as they are the top team with the product installed. Teams must register their products during Registration Friday night (see below) and photo of product will be taken at weigh-in. 

Purchase these products at Megaware Keelguard. Members can get 25% off their purchase with the Promotional Code: abuss25.
Optional Payback

To create an incentive for Day 2, a $30 side pot will be collected for the team that makes the biggest leap in the standings from Day 1 to Day 2. Teams may sign up at registration or after weigh-in on Day 1. 
New for 2020: The cost to participate for the Classic has been raised to $100. Still, 100% of this money will be paid back. See below.