Rules & Expectations

​​1. There will be a mandatory meeting 20 minutes prior to take off. One member must be present.

​​2. Boat order will be determined by random draw based on the average number of boats expected, after which, teams will be numbered by order of registration. Any team who registers during the pre-tournament meeting will not draw for a number. They will either become the Call Boat of, if we have pulled out after the meeting be checked by the call boat last, and will wait to take off after the call boat takes off. NOTE: As in years past expect the number of draw spots to be 40 for the first tournament and the number to be adjusted up or down from there.

3. Livewells must be inspected before take off. All boats must pass by the Take Off Boat with their livewells open for inspection.

4. Five fish limit: Smallmouth, Largemouth, and spotted Bass.

5. Dead fish weighed will result in ¼ pound penalty from total weight. A dead fish cannot be weighed for a team's big fish. Note: state law prohibits returning dead fish to water.

6. Weighing in a short fish will result in the loss of that fish as well the loss of big bass, both fish are removed from your catch. A courtesy bump board is provided and you may bump your fish on the Courtesy Bump Board before presenting your fish to the weigh master. Once presented to the weigh in personnel, everything becomes official. You can no longer handle/touch your fish until given back to you. The Courtesy Board is to remain at the weigh in site and should not be removed from the immediate area.

7. Any team coming to the weigh-in with more than 5 bass will be disqualified. Culling must be done on the water, during tournament hours.

8. Check-in time will be announced at the pre-tournament meeting. THERE WILL BE NO GRACE TIME. IF YOU ARE LATE, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

9. Safety, good sportsmanship, and courtesy will be expected and enforced. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

10. A onetime, $30 per team membership fee must be paid before participation in any tournament. (100% of membership fees will be placed into classic pot.) The membership fee allows a team to fish in both the Super Saturday and/or Regular Season Tournaments / Divisions.

11. Each regular season tournament costs $70, Super Tournaments cost $130 (this includes $10 paid to the Big Bass Pot) and must be paid before the tournament. Only cash will be accepted at the ramp. The big bass money will pay back two spots: Regular Season Tournaments 80% and 20% respectively and Super Saturday Tournaments 60% and 40% respectively.

12. Payback will be 1 team for every 5 teams participating with a maximum of 10 paid spots starting with boat #11. 90% of entry fees will be paid back at each tournament. The remaining 10% will be placed in the classic pot. $10 of each entry is placed into the big bass pot. All moneys can be tracked on the website.

13. In the event of a tie, big bass will break the tie. If big bass is also a tie, teams will split evenly.

14. A cash prize up to $400 will be awarded to the Points Champion in the Regular Tournaments and Super Saturday Tournaments. If the average field is 40 or more boats, $400 will be awarded to the Season Champions. If 30 boats is the average, $300 will be awarded, and so forth. Points are accumulated by the following:
  • ​10 points for participation at each Regular Season Tournament 
  • ​Regular Season Tournaments 30 points for 1st place, 29 points for 2nd place, 28 points for 3rd place, etc. YTD points will be calculated of the highest 8 finishes of all Regular Tournaments fished. 
  • ​20 points for participation at each Super Saturday Tournament 
  • ​Super Saturday Tournaments 60 points for 1st place, 58 points for 2nd place, 56 points for 3rd place etc.
    NOTE: Points will be manually adjusted to the Regular Season scale if a team fishes 1 or 2 but not all three Super Saturday Tournaments. YTD points will be calculated based on all 3 Super Saturday Tournaments.
15. Substitutes are allowed, but only one substitute per year. One member of the team must be present. A member may fish solo anytime. No substitutes are allowed at the Classic. It is mandatory for the team members to present their substitute to the tournament director at registration, and that the substitute fill out a release of liability (entry form) either in person or online. Failure to do so will result in the team forfeiting their points and the tournament will not count toward eligibility for the classic. Teams found in violation will not be eligible for a refund.

16. Top 50% of teams from the average field in the final standings will qualify for the classic. Also, any team participating in 6 Regular Season Tournaments or 3 Super Tournaments will automatically qualify for the classic.  

17. Trolling is not allowed.

18. Only artificial baits may be used with only a single rod at any one time.

19. All State and Federal rules/laws will be strictly enforced: this includes boating laws.

20. Life Jackets are required and must be worn anytime the gas engine is running and boat established under way. 

21. All boats must have an aerated livewell in working order.

22. All boat owners must have sufficient liability insurance to cover any accident.

23. Teams with schedule conflicts may pay for a single tournament, receive participation points for an event, and not attend. This is known as a Pay Skip. However, this can only be done ONE time per season; payment must be made BEFORE the tournament. 

24. Unless worked out with tournament directors in advance, teams must be present to claim their prize and/or cash.

25. All alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited at all times.

26. Tournament “hours” begin the moment a team arrives and does not end until the last prize has been handed out.

27. Failure to comply with any rule may result in disqualification.

28. All protests must be given to the Tournament Directors in writing within 5 minutes of weigh-in scales being closed. Rule interpretation will be determined by the Tournament Directors and their decisions are final.

29. Any rules infraction may result in consequences, which may or may not be disqualification.​​

​Specific Classic Rules and Boat Order 

For additional Classic details see Classic Rules located on the Classic Page.​
1. Any Team fishing a total of six Regular Season Tournaments has qualified for the classic. One Pay Skip is allowed!

2. Any Team fishing a total of three Super Saturday Tournaments has qualified for the classic. No Pay Skips allowed!

3. Super Saturday Tournament results or points will not count toward the regular season for qualification toward the Classic. A team must fish 6 Regular Season Tournament OR 3 Super Saturday Tournaments for a path to the classic.  ​​

4. ​​The top 50% of teams from an average of all tournament boat draws will qualify for the classic. For example, if the averages of the Regular Season or Super Saturday Tournaments is 40 teams, the top 20 teams in the standings will qualify. A team who finished outside of  20th place for example but participated in all 6 Regular Season Tournaments or All 3 Super Saturday Tournaments still qualifies.​​
  • However, tournament directors do not count. If directors are fortunate to finish in the top 50% they will not take a team out of the Classic. Hence, in the example above, if directors finished 5th place overall, the top 21 teams would actually qualify.
  • The starting order will be determined by total YTD points. The team with the most points in Regular Tournaments or Super Saturdays will be boat 1 and so forth. 
  • If one individual of a team cannot attend the classic, the remaining member can partner up with a member of another team who also has a team member that cannot attend. They may fish from the same boat, but not as a team, each individual will weigh in their catch to count as their team’s weight.

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