​​Gunn Lake
Gunn Lake Boat Ramp
3198 State Park Dr, Middleville, MI 49333​

October 9 & 10, 2021
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
50/50 Drawing,

Tickets for a 50/50 drawing will be sold during Registration. This helps pay for the costs to run the R&B.  

The R & B Bass Circuit pays back 100%. Thus, every dollar that has been collected by all divisions throughout the season will be paid back at this event. Our account will have $0.00 after October 10.

​​Cost to participate is $100.

All R & B Bass Circuit tournaments pay back 1 spot for every 4 teams, with a maximum of 10 paid spots. Money has been added to the pot after each tournament and every dollar from the membership fee has also been added. To see how much has been collected, check out the Payback page.

A Big Bass Prize will be awarded each day.


Classic Update​​

​​We have received phone calls over the past few weeks asking for clarification on how to qualify for the classic and how Super Saturday Tournaments can be used as regular season tournaments in the event a team does not make an appearance at all three super events. Due to the way I had it typed and the confusion in our intent we have decided to make an adjustment. As directors we have discussed it and have made the following adjustment.

1) Any Team fishing a total of six Regular Season Tournaments has qualified for the classic. One Pay Skip is allowed!

2) Any Team fishing a total of three Super Saturday Tournaments has qualified for the classic. No Pay Skips allowed!

3) Any team that fishes either one Super Saturday Tournaments and five Regular Season Tournaments – or – * two Super Saturday Tournaments and four Regular Season Tournaments has qualified for the classic. NOTE: One Pay Skip is allowed in for regular season Tournaments. Points from the super Saturday tournaments are reduced by ½ to match the points awarded for a regular season tournament in determining boat starting order for the classic.​​

​* The modification of the existing rule​
Sorry for the Confusion
Jim Graham​
However, Tournament Directors do not count. If directors are fortunate to finish in the top 50%, they will not take a team out of the tournament. Hence, in the example above, if directors finished 5th place overall, the top 27 teams would actually qualify.
Rules & Boat Order

There will be no rule changes from the regular-season tournaments with the exception of starting order and length.

​​For teams fishing all 6 tournament in one division the starting order will be determined by the final Standings. The team standing in 1st place in the division with the highest average turnout will be boat 1. The team standing in 1st place in the division with the second highest average will be boat 2 and so on... Teams fishing 4 tournaments in one division and four in other divisions will start at the back and after all teams that have fished 6 regular tournaments. The order will then follow the same procedure as before by final standards and division with the highest average turnout.

Since Registration and the Pre-Tournament meeting will be conducted Friday night, teams should launch immediately upon arrival. Boat #1 will take off promptly at 8:00. If a team is not present when their number is called, they will be sent to the back of the line! To​​ insure an 8:00 take off​​, it is vital all teams arrive early.​​

The tournament will be 8 hours long each day.


Take off will be held at The Gunn Lake State Park Ramp each day. A Michigan DNR Recreational Passport is Required to use the facility. Click on the link for details and directions.
All connecting waters will become off limits at 5:00 pm October 8th. No Exceptions!
Registration & Pre-Tournament Meeting

Registration will begin at 6:00 at the Gunn Lake Boat Ramp in the Starte Park (See the Above Address). At least one member from each team must register and be in attendance for the meeting afterward unless prior arrangements are made with the Tournament director/s in advance.

R & B Bass Circuit Classic
The cost to participate for the Classic is $100. Still, 100% of this money will be paid back. See below.
Adjusted Point Totals for teams qualified for the Classic
Boat ​Order Team # Team Names               Total Points / Big Bass
  1 Team #2    John Gipson and Chris Iodice                294 
  2 Team #21  Trent Rutherford & Ethan Rutherford     246
  3 Team #26  Steve Kline & Mark Farver                     225
  4 Team #8    Rich Patton & Dave Morrow                   218
  5 Team #23  Cory Gaff & Bill Sutton Jr.                      206
  6 Team #4    Alan Walczak & Jessica Walczak           205
  7 Team #42  Larry Stanley & Dave Terry                    197
  8 Team #60  Kyle Kaser & Brad Kaser                       194
  9 Team #44   Derek Molnar & Brian Molnar               189
10 Team #51  Kyle Kovets & Kelly Kovets                    184
11 Team #37  Brad Sterling & Clay Sterling                  182
12 Team #40  Jimmy Dobkins & Tony Fields                177
13 Team #19  Troy Shuman & Rich Kersten                176
14 Team #14   Robert Pereira & Brian McNeal            168
15 Team #52  Kevin Rathke & Don Amari                    166
16 Team #76   Bob Bruick & Rob Stroupe                    164
17 Team #53   Kenny Yoder & Bo Boyd                        156
18 Team #43  Phil Helton & Shawn Entenman             153
19 Team #10  Terry Schoettmer & David Brown           150
20 Team #56   Doug Fasik & Scott Brown                    145
21 Team #1    Jim Graham & Greg Rekeweg               142 3.66 LB
22 Team #35  Bobby Nelson & jim Hippensteel            142 2.92 LB 
23 Team #50  Booy Strock & Calvin Yoder                   140
24 Team #41  Charlie Enteman & Bob Radclif              139
25 Team #30  Ray Smith Jr. & Jim Wheeler                 136
26 Team #47  Mike Lytle & Nick Klopfenstine               135
27 Team #9   Hunter Patton & Ryan Gray                     134 2.73 LB
28 Team #29  Tom Stark & Matt Kiefer                          134 3.38 LB
29 Team #17  TJ Becker & Austin Becker                      124
30 Team #15  George Govert Jr. & George Govert III   118 3.13 LB
31 Team #11  Aaron Cowans & Cody Chilcote              118 2.13 LB
32 Team #20  Gary Price & Steve Prange                     116
33 Team #32  Scott Sizemore & LeAnn Sizemore         106
34 Team #27  Greg Bard & Craig Fannin                        90
35 Team #18   Bryan Holderman & Ben Diamond           74
36​ Team #3    Dan Truex & Tim Pugh                              60

If you believe that you should have been included in the Above list and were not, Text, Call or email Jim Graham at 260-403-2673 or jimgraham1@live.com
36 Teams Qualified as of 9/27/2021
NOTE: This is the Starting Order
Jim Wheeler and Ray Smith
2021 Classic Champions
24.71 lb​
Big Bass Day 2 - 3.69 lb  $100​

2nd Place

John Gipson and Kris Iodice
24.40 lb​
Big Bass Day 1 - 4.41 lb  $100​​

3rd Place

Terry Schoettmer and David Brown
18.96 lb​

4th Place

5th Place

Doug Fasick and Scott Brown
18.83 lb​

Brad Sterling and Clay Sterling
18.51 lb​