Muskegon Lake
State Park Boat Ramp
3455 Memorial Dr, Muskegon, MI 49445​

October 15 & 16, 2022
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

50/50 Drawing,

Tickets for a 50/50 drawing will be sold during Registration. This helps pay for the costs to run the R&B

The R & B Bass Circuit pays back 100%. Thus, every dollar that has been collected by all divisions throughout the season will be paid back at this event. Our account will have $0.00 after October 16.

​​Cost to participate in the classic is $100.

All R & B Bass Circuit classic tournaments pay back 1 spot for every 4 teams, with a maximum of 10 paid spots. Money has been added to the pot after each tournament and every dollar from the membership fee has also been added. To see how much has been collected, check out the Payback page.

A Big Bass Prize will be awarded each day.


1. Any Team fishing a total of six Regular Season Tournaments has qualified for the classic. One Pay Skip is allowed!

2. Any Team fishing a total of three Super Saturday Tournaments has qualified for the classic. No Pay Skips allowed!

NOTE: Changed for 2022 - Super Saturday Tournament results or points will not count toward the regular season for qualification toward the Classic. A team must fish fish 6 of 8 Regular Season Tournaments OR 3 of 4 Super Saturday Tournaments for a path to the classic. ​​

3. ​​The top 50% of teams from an average of all tournament boat draws will qualify for the classic. For example, if the averages of the Regular Season or Super Saturday Tournaments is 40 teams, the top 20 teams in the standings will qualify. A team who finished outside of 20th place for example but participated in all 6 Regular Season Tournaments or All 3 Super Saturday Tournaments still qualifies.​​

​However, tournament directors do not count. If directors are fortunate to finish in the top 50% they will not take a team out of the Classic. Hence, in the example above, if directors finished 5th place overall, the top 21 teams would actually qualify.

​The starting order will be determined by total YTD points. The team with the most points will be boat 1 and so forth. 

​If one individual of a team cannot attend the classic, the remaining member can if they so choose partner up with a member of another team who also has a team member that cannot attend. They may fish from the same boat, but not as a new team for the classic, each individual will weigh in their catch to count as their team’s, as fished throughout the year's, weight. 
Rules & Boat Order

There will be no rule changes from the regular-season tournaments with the exception of starting order and length.

The starting order will be determined by the final Point Standings YTD for a team regardless if point total comes from 3 Super Saturday (Double Points) or Best 6 Regular Season Results. 

The early season expectation is for Registration and the Pre-Tournament meeting to be conducted Friday night, teams should launch immediately upon arrival. Boat #1 will take off promptly at the official start time. If a team is not present when their number is called, they will be sent to the back of the line! To​​ insure an prompt take off​​, it is vital all teams arrive early.​​


Take off will be held at the State Park Ramp each day. Note: Michigan DNR Passport required and must be purchased in advance. Do not expoect to be able to purchase the morning of the tournamant.

All connecting waters will become off limits at 5:00 pm October 14th. No Exceptions!
Registration & Pre-Tournament Meeting

Registration will be held Friday the 14th starting at 5:30 PM at the State Park Ramp, if the pavilion is available we will move under cover. We will start the meeting at 6:00 or when all teams present have checked in. At least one member from each team must register and be in attendance for the meeting unless prior arrangements are made with the Tournament director/s in advance. In such a case that a person will not be present, the registration fee must be paid in advance. The starting order will be adjusted based on paid entry's and the starting order plates will be passed out Friday night. 

R & B Bass Circuit 
2022​ Classic
The cost to participate for the Classic is $100. 100% of this money will be paid back. See below.
If you believe that you should have been included in the above list and were not, or if I have made any errors PLEASE Text, Call or email Jim Graham at 260-403-2673 or
32 Teams Qualified as of 9/18/2021
NOTE: This is also the Tentative Starting Order
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2022​ Classic
Team's Qualified​
The results are in

The 2022 R&B season is in the books. As for the Classic, the weather was less the stellar, I'm sure all present would agree that this picture taken Sunday morning during the lineup just prior to blast off, certainly DOES NOT represent the weather, lake conditions and fishing conditions endured thought the weekend. My (our) hope, is that like us you can see the weekend as a great time spent on the water with friends and fellow competitors. 

Thanks, your R&B Directors
Jim Graham, Greg Rekeweg and John Gipson​​​​​

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