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7/16/18 AB
The Bargain Center:
For all R & B Bass Circuit members, we offer you to post and sell any fishing related items on our website. The process is simple:
  1. Send me photos of your item at
  2. Provide information on items (the more details, the better)
  3. Include starting price
  4. Furnish contact information
For Sale:
Locator Mounts 

​These are made of durable, lightweight steel.​​


Contact: Dave Terry 260-349-3526 or Andy Buss 574-993-3028​​​
Fitzgerald Rods
  • Brand New
  • Model # ​ST73MHS
  • ​2 Rods total
  • ​Spinning Stunner HD
  • 7'3" Med Hvy 
  • Microguides

​​$130 each
Contact: Frank Berning
  • Congratulations to Jarred Coffing and Ryan McCauley for winning at Lake Shafer with 12.27 pounds. Full details will be available later this week.

    The next South Division tournament is September 1st at Lake Freeman.​​
  • Congratulations to Frank Randol and Matt Powers for winning at Randall Lake with 9.90 pounds. Click Here or on the picture for the Tournament Results, full details will be available later this week.

    NOTE: In spite of the software issues, The East Divisions Season Points Post Randall have been tallied. Let me know if you see any issues. Thank you for your patience, Jim
Congratulations to Kevin and Kelly Warner for winning the West Division tournament on the St. Joe River despite sultry weather. Their 9.84 pound 4-fish limit beat out 36 teams and won them $680. A full report will be available later this week.