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To keep up with local and professional bass fishing news, visit LouieStout.com regularly. The BASS page provides excellent information.
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Everything you need to know about tying knots can be learned on Rocky Brook Sinkers' website.
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For all R & B Bass Circuit members, we offer you to post and sell any fishing related items on our website. The process is simple:
  1. Send me photos of your item at andrew@randbbasscircuit.com
  2. Provide information on items (the more details, the better)
  3. Include starting price
  4. Furnish contact information
For Sale:
G Loomis GLX 852
7'1" Medium Action Extra Fast
Spinning Rod

Contact: Curtiss Werner 574-276-8224
1999 Ranger and Champion Boats
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  • Here is a video with some jamming music highlighting the first five years of the R & B Bass Circuit. Music was chosen by members. Enjoy!
  • Few ways are more exciting to get ready for the season than at the many Outdoors Sports Shows. Click on the link to learn of several in our area. PLUS, you could win a free 2015 membership.
  • Three Open Tournaments are again scheduled for 2015. Click on the link for details.
  • An ice fishing derby will be held March 1 on Stone Lake in Cassopolis, Michigan to raise additional funds for the 2015 season. Details can be found by clicking HERE.
  • TC Custom Lures offers specialized color schemes on hard baits giving anglers the opportunity to exclusively "Match the Hatch" on our local bodies of water. No longer are we limited to color schemes dominant from other areas of the country. Maximize your favorite baits with "localized" color schemes.