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5/12/19 AB
The Bargain Center:
For all R & B Bass Circuit members, we offer you to post and sell any fishing related items on our website. The process is simple:
  1. Send me photos of your item at
  2. Provide information on items (the more details, the better)
  3. Include starting price
  4. Furnish contact information
For Sale:
Locator Mounts 

​These are made of durable, lightweight steel.​​


Contact: Dave Terry 260-349-3526 or Andy Buss 574-993-3028​​​
Upcoming Events

June 16 - South Division @ Lake Manitou
​June 16 - East Division @ Lake St Clair
​June 9 - West Division @ Winona Lake
  • Tom Noe and John Gipson, Jr. weighed 12.79 to win the South Division tournament on Lake Freeman. Full results can be viewed here
  • Troy Taylor & Ryan Deveau won the East Division's second tournament on Hamilton Lake May 18th with a winning weight of 14.66 pounds. Tournament results can be viewed by clicking here with a full report coming soon.
  • Tom Noe and John Gipson, Jr., won their 8th R & B Bass Circuit tournament, a circuit record, at Lake Maxinkuckee with a 12.87 pound limit of smallmouth bass! A full report can be viewed by clicking on the link or photo.