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5/8/21 Jim G
Upcoming Events
June 13, 2021 - Regular Season #4 - Diamond

June 27th, 2021 - Regular Season #5 - St. Clair (Harley Ensign Ramp)​
Two ways to register for 2021 
We will continue our online registration for 2021. Each person is asked to fill out the registration and doing so is considered a release of liability. ​​Teams wishing to use a Substitute can also have the substitute fill out the online form.

Click Here for Online Registration​​
​​Teams may send registration money in advance after completing the entry form online or including a written entry form. Please note that early registration gives no strategical advantage. However, we appreciate early registration as it makes the operation run smoother at the opening events.

​Click Here for Mail in Registration​​​​
​​Make checks payable to:
Jim Graham
17919 Bishop Rd.
Spencerville, IN ​46788​​

​NOTE: As in the past, We do accept registrations the day of the tournament. All fees the day of the tournament must be paid in cash.​​
It's Not To Late to fish the R&B for 2021
Congratulations to 
Steve Kline and Mark Farver 
Tournament #3 Winners​
12.98 Lbs on Sylvan Lake
Congratulations to 
Dave Marrow and Rich Patton
Super Saturday #2 Winners​
18.33 Lbs on the Barbee Chain