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8/19/19 JG
The Bargain Center:
For all R & B Bass Circuit members, we offer you to post and sell any fishing related items on our website. The process is simple:
  1. Send me photos of your item at
  2. Provide information on items (the more details, the better)
  3. Include starting price
  4. Furnish contact information
For Sale:
Locator Mounts 

​These are made of durable, lightweight steel.​​


Contact: Dave Terry 260-349-3526 or Andy Buss 574-993-3028​​​
Upcoming Events

​August 31 - South Division @ Palestine
September 14 - East Division @ Dukes Bridge
September 15 - West Division @ Wawasee
​​ September 21 - South Division @ Lk Freeman
  • Congratulations to Rick Sawyer and Denny Cook for their win at the East Division's fifth tournament on Lakes Wawasee and Syracuse. The winning weight was 12.87 pounds and they weighed in the larges bass of the day. The full Report will be posted as we hear back from contestants. Check the results by clicking here
  •  Congratulations to Dan Truex and Tim Pugh for winning and taking big bass at Lake Manitou.
  • Congratulations to Dave Terry and Larry Stanley for winning the West Division tournament on Tippecanoe Lake. Their 15.36 pound limit beat out 40 teams. A full report will be available later this week.

  • Updated Standings​