Last updated:
5/31/20 JG
Upcoming Events
​June 7 - West Division @ Lake Maxinkuckee
June 14 - South Division @ Lake Shafer​
​​June 21 - East Division @ Lake St. Clair​​
We will strictly enforce the following social distancing guidelines:

  • ​Only one person from each team may come to the registration area
  • If more than 3 anglers are in line, please stay in vehicle or boat​
  • That member is asked to lay money on the table and step 6 feet away
  • TD’s will handle all paperwork, tickets, etc.
  • No loitering! Participants shall wait in boat
  • At all times, remain at least 6 feet away from others
  • Pre-Tournament meeting will be held on water
  • ​Only one person from each team may bring fish to weigh-in
  • ​Before bringing fish to weigh, be sure there are less than 3 anglers in line
  • That participant will place bag in tub, then step 6 feet away
  • ​Once weigh master finishes weighing fish, that participant shall take bag away
  • ​Use your own weigh-bags. R & B will not provide any
  • Once weighed, participants are asked to go to their truck, boat, or leave
To help minimize the use of paper and physical contact, please fill out  the Online Membership form before your first tournament. 
For anyone who had planned on participating in the West Division tournament on Lake Maxinkuckee, June 7, please click on the link in the Schedule Page
Congratulations to Jeremiah King and Cole Shultz for topping 43 teams at the West Division Opener on Lake Tippecanoe!
**Due to Covid-19 and additional conflicts, the West Division was forced to make some changes to the schedule. The Lake Wawasee and Webster Lake events have been flipped and the Wawasee event will now be July 26. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Updates are on the Schedule Page.​
Congratulations to
Larry Stanley and Dave Terry
​for winning the 
East Division Opener on
​Lake Tippecanoe