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9/11/21 Jim G
Upcoming Events
Sept 25th, 2021 - Regular Season # 12 ​Maxinkuckee
7:30 - 2:30 - John Gipson​​

Oct 9 & 10th, 2021 - Classic Gunn Lake
8:00 - 4:00 - Jim Graham​​​
Two ways to register for 2021 
We will continue our online registration for 2021. Each person is asked to fill out the registration and doing so is considered a release of liability. ​​Teams wishing to use a Substitute can also have the substitute fill out the online form.

Click Here for Online Registration​​
​​Teams may send registration money in advance after completing the entry form online or including a written entry form. Please note that early registration gives no strategical advantage. However, we appreciate early registration as it makes the operation run smoother at the opening events.

​Click Here for Mail in Registration​​​​
​​Make checks payable to:
Jim Graham
17919 Bishop Rd.
Spencerville, IN ​46788​​

​NOTE: As in the past, We do accept registrations the day of the tournament. All fees the day of the tournament must be paid in cash.​​
It's Not To Late to fish the R&B for 2021
Congratulations to 
Cory Gaff and Bill Sutton Jr.
​Tournament #11 Winners​
10.69 Lbs at Lake Wawasee
* 2021 Classic*

Congratulations to Kyle and Brad Kaser for winning at Lake Manitou with 13.10​


Check the Classic Page for the latest information on the 2021 Classic. You will also find a list of who has qualified with only one tournament remaining and potentially the largest R&B Classic payout ever.

Rule Change 

​As directors of the R&B we generally try and put off rule changes until the tournament season is over. In the effort to promote a safe venue where we all can enjoy our sport and the friendship of others we are making the following rule change in effect for the remainder of 2021. 

Rule #20 has been amended ​​to state:
"Life Jackets are required and must be worn anytime the gas engine is running and boat established under way".​

We also want all to know that we take rule violations serious and take into account Safety, Competitive Advantage ​​and General Intent when making decisions on their enforcement.

Jim, Greg and John