Winona Lake
Kosciusko Count 4-H Fairgrounds


June 9, 2019

1st Place:  Ron Fabiszak & Jason Fowler (not pictured)

Weight: 13.44

​​Pattern: Post spawn largemouth bass - Junk Fishing

Baits: Texas rigged Bullet craws​, swimjigs, & topwater

How it Happened: They began by throwing the Bullet Craw by Nemesis Baits along a break line before sliding up on the flat slinging swimjigs. In just 2 hours, they had a limit. 

2nd Place:  Gary Sroufe & Travis Edgar

: 13.03; 2nd Big Bass - 4.32

Pattern: Post spawn largemouth bass on a flat

Baits: Wacky worms

​​How it Happened: The team stuck to one primary area and soaked up all it was worth with a wacky worm. 15 keepers fell victim to them. 
3rd Place:  Chip Harrison & Gerald McGee
Weight: 12.42

Pattern: Largemouth bass eating spawning shad

Baits: Swimjigs & chatterbaits

How it Happened: "The shad were spawning on anything hard such as walls, docks, and rocks," former touring FLW professional Chip Harrison revealed. 

4th Place:  Chris Carman & William Elliott

Weight: 11.89

: Post spawn largemouth relating to shallow cover 

Baits Buzzbaits and jigs

How it Happened: Carman & Elliott have have arrived in the R & B and our veterans better take notice. Three tournaments = Three Top 5's, and they stand at the top of the Standings

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With that knowledge, they targeted these areas in water less than 2 feet deep and caught 3 limits as the bass were eating the shad. The rain kept the shad spawning later into the day than normal.

​​Winnings: $330
5th Place:  Jeremy Chase & Kevin Kronewitter

Weight: 11.29

Pattern: Post spawn largemouth bass in shallow water

Baits: Swimjigs, drop shot rig, & Ned rig

​​How it Happened: They caught fish with three rigs in several areas before settling into a money hole.
Chase recalls, "We caught 3 in the morning with swimjigs over shallow grass. We then ​​caught a handful with drop shot rigs in 8 feet of water. We went back up shallow and found a seawall with the wind blowing on it where we were able to cull up several times with a Ned rig."

Winnings: $160
The fish were between 3-5 feet deep relating to a weedbed. 

Winnings: $450
Their fish were caught "beating the bank" with buzzbaits, which yielded 2 limits of bass. They kept the trolling motor on high and covered a bunch of water.

For a short while, they threw jigs on a break, but they were not able to cull up. Their biggest bass, a 3.58 pounder bit with just 10 minutes remaining. ​

Winnings: $225
They tried docks, but only caught short fish, so they resorted to going back and forth with between the break line and flat with the aforementioned baits. Topwater also tricked a few fish. They culled several times to settle on 13.44 pounds. ​
​​Winnings: $730
Lochness Lures Big Bass

Jeff Collins & George White caught a 4.48 pound largemouth to win $335 and tackle from Lochness Lures.​
Other Teams in the Money
6th Place: Husband & wife team Scott & Leanne Sizemore (left) scraped together an 11.21 pound limit to win $135.

7th place: ​​Father & son duo, Rodney & Craig Fannin (right) $110.
8th Place: Bob & Myron Miller weighed 11.03 pounds and won $90. This is their second time in the money this season.