The Waldron Chain
Aug 12, 2017
7:00 - 2:00 

1st Place:  Mark Farver and Steve Kline

2nd Place: Chad Walter and Lance Tresenriter 

​​Weight: 11.88 Lb

Pattern: Outside weed edge and Pads

4th Place:  Lee Duracz and Jeremy Young

Weight: 11.81 Lb


2nd Big Bass : 

Lee and Jeremy brought the second larges bass to the scales at 3.52 Lb. For their efforts the team ended up taking home an additional $68.00

Eastern Division Tournament #5
The R & B Bass Circuit 
In addition to the Rod Bender Baits certificate, the two took home $713.00 for their first place finish.​​​​

5th Place:  Matt Gardenour and Josh Ware

Weight: 9.48 Lb.

Pattern: Weeds and Pads

Baits: Senko, Zoom Horny Toads and Texas Rigged Worms

How it Happened:  Josh and Matt fished on Jones lake in the weeds and pads. They caught a few fish on a senko and zoom horney toad and texas rigged worm. They caught 5 fish to weigh in throughout the day along with several short fish.

3rd Place:  Rick Sawyer and Denny Cook

​Weight: 11.82 Lb. 



How it Happened:

Winnings: $178.00
How it Happened: Chad and Lance started our on Waldron fishing the outside edge of the weeds in about 12 feet of water and noted Lance was catching more fishing the deeper water. They had there limit in the 1st hour but could not get anything bigger than 15 inches. They moved to the pads and fished frogs over the weeds and in a small 45 yd. stretch were able to catch some bigger fish to finish out their bag.

Winnings: $446.00
How it Happened:

​​Winnings: $267.00

Winnings: $107.00
Native Pride Tackle Big Bass - 5.03 Lb

​​Weight: 12.82 Lb

Pattern: Weed Edge

Baits: Texas rigged worms and jigs

6th Place:  Larry Stanley and Dave Terry

Weight: 9.00 Lb.

Winnings: $71.00
How it Happened: Mark and SteveFished between Steinbarger and Tamerac in a small weed patch in 8-10 feet of water. All of their fish came from this area using texas rigged worms and jigs. The fish were not in the weeds but on the very edge, when they would "pop" the baits free from the weeds the fish would hit.

Winnings: $713.00

​​Winnings: $272.00