Tippecanoe Lake

April 29, 2018

1st Place:  Larry Stanley & Dave Terry

Weight: 16.55

Pattern: Pre-spawn fish in channels

Baits: Umbrella rig

How it Happened: This is the second victory for Stanley & Terry. Their other victory was also a West Division Opener on Lake Maxinkuckee 2016. Back then, Stanley made the comparison to the 69-year old Rick Clunn and himself (also 69), which makes him 71 in 2018. Young or old, his game

2nd Place:  Terry Schoettmer & Dave Brown

Weight: 14.49

Pattern: Pre-spawn bass in shallow water

Baits: Lipless baits, jigs, soft stickbait

How it Happened: Early in the day, they were able to land several bass with lipless baits. However, that bite eventually fizzled away. However, they adjusted and were able to land several more keepers with jigs and soft stickbaits.

Winnings: $472

3rd Place:  Andy Buss & John DuPont

Weight: 14.22

Pattern: Pre-spawn and spawning fish in channels

Baits: 9k Elite Lures chatterbug, and B & N Custom Baits soft plastics
4th Place:  Steve Januchowski & Jason Ginder

Weight: 13.56

Pattern: Pre-spawn bass in channels

Baits: Lipless crankbaits and vibrating jigs

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Watch the Weigh-in
is still better than most, and he and Terry are a proven formidable force in the R & B Bass Circuit.​​

Despite limited practice for Tippecanoe, the team still managed to locate pre-spawn fish between 10-15 feet of water and used umbrella rigs to catch a total of 12 keepers. It took just 90 minutes to land their first limit, and they were able to cull several times. They remained in one channel for the duration of the event.

Winnings: $745
How it Happened: The tournament directors went to one channel and remained there all day. Quickly, they caught a handful of fish with the chatterbug, but that bite faded. They then plucked 3 more keepers that were locked on beds. The big fish escaped capture twice before finally falling victim to an undisclosed B & N Custom Baits soft plastic. It took 3 hours to land (watch the video above).

Winnings: 348 + 376 = $724 & Lochness Lures Product
How it Happened: Immediately, the team had success in a channel with a combination of vibrating jigs and rattle traps. They had a limit in just 1 hour and culled twice. Afterward, they “struggled’ to upgrade but still landed a Top 5.

Winnings: $248
5th Place: Trevor Paulus & Dave Selig

Weight: 13.40

Pattern: Pre-spawn largemout in and in front of channels

Baits: Bladed jigs and jigs

How it Happened: Remarkably, the team found themselves almost all alone in a channel where they worked through 20 keepers with the bladed jigs. The key was keeping the bait in
the middle of the channel. Later in the day they did cull two times with a jig in front of a channel, but most of their fish came within the channel.

Winnings: $200
6th Place: Teddy Bradley and Mark Fennell (left) sacked 13.39 pounds and won $175.
7th Place: A 13.13 pound limit won Rich Paton and Dave Morrow (right) $124, but that limit also included the 2nd Big Bass, cashing them an additional $100.
8th Place: Bill Sutton and Cory Gaff (left) brought 12.74 pounds to the scales to snatch $100
9th Place: The father-son team of Rodney and Craig (pictured right) Fannin put together a 12.56 pound limit and won $80.