Lake Shafer - 1
April 28, 2018
7:30 - 2:30

1st Place:  John Gipson and Tom Noe

2nd Place + Big Bass:  Jarred Coffing and Ryan McCauley

In their first R&B tournament, the team of Coffing and McCauley cashed in the money by catching the Lockness Lures big bass - a 4.92 beast! 


Pattern: Reaction strikes

Square bill crankbait in 2-5 feet of water

Click HERE for a .pdf of the Shafer results​

South Division Opener
The inaugural R&B South tournament took place on historic Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana.  The bite was tough, but 3 teams managed to bring a limit to the scales. 

3rd Place:  Jay Wivoet Jr./ Dakota Wendt



Spinnerbaits and jigs

Weight: 14.43

Pattern: prespwan fish in calm, warming waters

Baits: Jigs and spinnerbaits 
How it Happened: This is the 4th victory and 12th top-5 finish for Gipson and Noe. At Shafer, the team managed to locate prespawn bass in 5-10 feet of water on the main lake, river, and creek arms. The two used chucked spinnerbaits and soaked jigs to catch 10 keepers. The team only had three fish at noon, but they went on to catch 8 keepers during the last 3 hours. 

Winnings - $216 plus $10 for second big bass​​
Winnings: $40