Super Tournaments
- Super Tournament Entry Fee $130.00

- 1​ in every 5 teams participating will win a cash award starting at 6 teams with a maximum payout of 10 places. Thus, if 60 teams participate, only 10 teams will receive a cash prize.​​

​- The Big Bass Award ($10 of the $130 entry fee) pays back two spots: 60% will be paid back to the biggest fish, while the remaining 40% will be paid back to the second biggest fish. None of this money is placed into the classic pot. The $10 towards big bass makes a team eligible for just one Big Bass Award.

​All Tournaments
- 90% of all entry fees collected at each tournament will be paid back at that tournament.**​

- ​​The remaining 10% will be placed into the Classic Pot and will be dispersed there.** ​

- ​​A $30 Team Membership fee is collected before participation only if teams want to be eligible for the Team of the Year race and Classic. The membership fee must be paid before the first event counting towards Classic qualification or initial team points. 100% of this money will be placed into the Classic pot.

- ​​Taken from the Classic Pot, a cash prize up to $300 will be awarded to the Points Champions. If the average field is 20 or more boats, $300 will be awarded to the Season Champions. If 15 boats is the average, $200 will be awarded, and so forth and the purchase of trophies. 100% of the remaining balance will be paid back at the Classic. 
2024 Classic Pot

From Memberships:
From Tournaments:

​2024 Classic Total:​​


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