2018 Open Tournaments
No Membership Required
80% Payback
Payback is 1 for every 6 teams
The remaining 20% is put in the R & B Classic Pot
March 31 @ Lake Wawasee (Syracuse Ramp) 8am - 2pm
April 7 @ Lake Manitou (East Ramp) 8am - 2pm


All Rules enforced in a regular R & B Bass Circuit tournament apply. These may be viewed on the Rules Page. The only notable changes is the payback, which is stated above, and length of tournament.

Slot Limit: If ice forces us to move the location of the tournaments, we will be on the Six Span and Maggies stretch of the St. Joe River respectively. Here, teams will be allowed to weigh a total of four fish over 15 inches. They may weigh up to five fish under 12 inches. In total, the limit is five total fish.
A map of the Six Span stretch can be downloaded by clicking on the link.
A map of the Maggies stretch can be downloaded by clicking on the link.
If ice poses a hazard for either spring tournament, the locations will be switched to the St. Joe River. That change will be announced on the website.
Six Span Videos: