Q: How can you afford to Payback 100%?

A: R & B Bass Circuit is a not for profit circuit. Our circuit will rely on 50/50 drawings to help offset our operating expenses. Drawings for cash and prizes will be held at every tournament. Your participation is important to insure a high payback in the future!
Q: Why put this on?

Two reasons. One, we feel there needs to be a circuit run for the fishermen in our area. We have lots of circuits for fishermen, but most seem to be in the best interests of a large-scale regional circuit or the tournament directors themselves. Neither are bad, but obviously, when the fishermen are second on the priority list, we miss out on opportunities. This circuit is for the fishermen, and we have strong convictions to run it in the best interest of the fishermen. We are second on the priority list.

What does this mean? You can expect great payback, open communication, and the sponsors are sponsoring the fishermen, not the tournament directors.

Two, its going to be so much fun! We want to do this. We love to fish, and we love to compete. We also enjoy managing so its a marriage in harmony.
Q: How do you determine which lakes to visit?

A: The West Division considers South Bend as their base area and pick bodies of water within an hour of South Bend. The East Division considers Angola as their base and selects accordingly. The Classic site will be in the state of Indiana or Michigan. As far as the specific bodies of water, we pick the best lakes we can. We want to see good weigh-ins, and want everyone to have a good time. That can't happen unless you catch fish!

It is also important that these bodies of water can comfortably fish 40 teams.
Q: Will you fish the same bodies of water each year?

Absolutely not. Each year will have a new schedule with new bodies of water. However, in all fairness, we will not rule out the possibility of returning to a specific body of water the following year if it is popular with the fishermen. Ultimately, we want to make the fishermen happy, and if there is a popular body of water, we are open-minded to returning. But don't always count on it, and don't count on it being during the same month the next year.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can a team qualify for the Classic?

There are two ways a team can qualify for the Classic Tournament. First, any team that participates in all six, regular season tournaments automatically qualifies. Second, any team that finishes in the top 50% of the average field qualifies. I must stress the word average. For example, if we average 30 teams per tournament, then the top 15 teams will qualify. It does not matter if we have 100 teams with membership. Only the top 50% of the average tournament attendance will qualify.

There will not be any wild card teams either. If a team does not qualify through one of these two ways, they will not be invited.

Also, if teams who have qualified cannot participate for whatever reason, we will not be inviting other teams who have not qualified just to fill the field. The majority of cash for the Classic will have already been collected, and the fewer the teams, the more likely and higher pay offs for the participating teams!
Q: Can a team have substitutes?

Yes, but it is limited. A team may have one substitute for a single regular season tournament, and one member of the team must be in attendance for that tournament. There will not be any substitutes for the Classic whatsoever. For the Classic, a participant will fish with his/her season partner and no one else. But he/she may choose to fish solo.

A fisherman can fish solo as many times as he/she wants and add those points to their team total. A team is also allowed to pay for entry, not show up, and receive participation points only one time during the season.
Q: Why fish the R & B Bass Circuit?

Are you kidding? There is no better circuit for a fishermen in the Michiana area. Where else can you find another circuit that pays back 100%, gives all sponsor donations to the participants, maintains a website, and establishes a fun, yet, professional atmosphere at the tournaments?
Q: Can a team pre-register?

Yes, but is not necessary. Starting order for each tournament will be determined by a random draw for  the first 40 entrants, after which, teams will be numbered by order of registration. Order for Classic will be determined by final points Standings.

For teams wanting to pre-register, send registration form and check to the following:

Andy Buss
710 S. State St.
North Liberty, IN 46554