Lake Bruce
May 20, 2018
7:30 - 2:30

1st Place:  Eric Frier and Robert Zorich
2nd Place + 2nd Big Bass:  John Gipson/Tom Noe

The team caught numerous keepers to cull up to their total. They caught their bass in less than 5 feet of water along pads and weeds. One of their bass was guarding fry. The runner-up finish moves Gipson and Noe to second most top-5 finishes in R&B history. 

​​Weight: 13.97

Pattern: Postspawn + fry guarders

Baits: Jigs and worms in 3-4 feet of water​​

Click HERE for a .pdf of the Bruce results​

South Division - Stop #3
8 teams participated in the R&B South division at Lake Bruce on May 20th. The conditions were tough and few bass came to the scales. 

The next stop is July 1st at Lake Shafer out of Indiana Beach. ​

Big Bass:  Fred Cleer/Michael Schwomeyer

​​The Lochness Lures Big Bass fell victim to a carolina rig. 

​​Weight: 4.48

Pattern: postspawn mainlake drops

Winnings: $64

Weight: 14.25

Pattern: postspawn fish near pads

Baits: Topwater
How it Happened: Eric and Robert targeted postspawn bass near pad fields and weeds. They caught all of their bass in two stretches. This was their first R&B event. 

Winnings - $248
Winnings: $130 + $16 for the 2nd big bass
Season standings can be viewed here.